Glee Health Care provides safe, timely, efficient, patient centered, equitable and effective nursing care for healthcare consumers in a variety of settings across the field of healthcare.

Our consultation services will help you drive nurse engagement, build strong culture, improve nurse leader’s skill and develop foundational nursing excellence, practices critical to better patience outcomes and improved efficiency.

At Glee, we take pride in professional communications, the management of complex issues, drive change, align employees with goals and provide innovative, effective strategies and creative support.

Our subject matter expert will come onsite for a thorough analysis of your organization. We will coach your team on critical role both data and documentation. At Glee we have a deep understanding of regulations, requirements as well as latest updates.

Our process involves assessments to determine areas that need improvement; build team enthusiasm.

Structural Assistance
  • Consultation Support
  • Mentoring
  • Consultation Support
Documentation Support
  • Documentation Review
  • Submission Prep
  • Staff Communication


At Glee Health Care , our delegating Nurses is a Licensed Registered Nurse (RN) or a care manager (CM) who has completed the required training approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing and the office of Health Care Quality to practice nurse delegating services in assisted living facilities and homes. The delegating Nurse-Registered Nurse (RN) Case Manager (CM) may delegate the responsibility to perform a nursing task to a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Medication Technician (MT), and assisted living manager.

Our consultation services will help you drive nurse engagement, build strong culture, improve nurse leader’s skill and devThis process is multifaceted, with decisions made at administrative level of the organization and extend to staff responsible for delegating, overseeing the process and performing the responsibilities. It involves effective communication, empowering staff to make decision based on their judgement and support from all levels of health care setting.


Assisted living homes and Assisted Living facilities are required to have a Delegating Nurse. Glee Health Care provides Delegating Nurse Services.

  • Initial Assessment.
  • Nursing Assessment.
  • 45-day Nurse Assessment.
  • Medication Technician Training and reviews each client file as required.


Our Registered Nurse is here to help you maintain your assisted living in good standard, by providing you with top quality assisted living services, that will ensure your staff is adhering to the Office of Health Care Quality rules and regulations, policies and procedures, and by the Maryland Board of Nursing.

Assisted Living facilities provides a 24/7 service to their clients, and that is more reasons why the assisted living managers may need a qualified person to constantly looking over their books.