Services We Provide

  • Delegating Nurse -Registered Nurse.
  • Initial Nursing Assessment.
  • 45 Day Nursing Assessment.
  • Comprehensive Assessment.
  • Follow up with Medication Technicians on Doctors orders.
  • Checks and balance with staff including managers to follow laid protocols.
  • Cross check medication distribution.
  • Making sure Medication Technicians are adhering to 5 patient rights.
  • Review client file for any irregularities.
  • Assist or train staff on how to take vital signs.
  • All of these services and more are required by the office of Health Care Quality and Maryland Board of Nursing.
  • High Quality CPR / BLS (Basic Life Support).
  • Maryland Medication Technician Certificate.
  • First Aid.
  • AED.
Additional Consultation

Assisted living consultation to include:

  • Nursing training.
  • Improving marketing strategies.
  • Service plan audits and training.
  • Any areas that need improvement in your assisted living.